Website Hosting Terms

By adding your website files to my server you agree to the following. By accepting your website files, and upon receipt of payment for the services described below, I also agree to the following:
I will provide the following:
  1. Website hosting as described at
  2. Information needed to upload the files and maintain your website .
In consideration of the above services, you agree to the following:
  1. Payment of in advance for the services described above.
  2. Payment for domain name registration or renewal is not refundable, and it is not included in this agreement. Refunds for Basic service plans will be issued on a pro-rated basis for any unused months.
  3. You or I can discontinue website hosting services for any reason after providing a minimum or 30 days written notice. Any refunds due will be calculated using the formula above and will be paid within 30 days after the service is discontinued.
  4. If, in my judgement, these hosting services are used in any way for pornographic or X-Rated content, advocation of violence or hate, mass-mailing or any illegal activities, I will immediately terminate these hosting services with no refund.
  5. In addition to the Website Hosting Terms listed above, you agree to the Overall Terms and Conditions under which I provide my services to you.

Effective August 24, 2009