Overall Terms and Conditions

My professional goal is to provide quality website design and related services. I work hard to make you feel confident about picking up the phone or sending an email asking for my services, and then expecting that the work will be done without trouble. However, nothing is perfect, including my work, the Internet, website servers and search engines. I believe you understand this, but I also believe it is important let you know about the overall terms and conditions under which I provide my services to you.

Will you please read the following carefully? If the following overall terms and conditions are acceptable to you, I will be glad to provide any services that I have agreed to provide to you. However, if you do not agree to these overall terms and conditions, please contact me immediately so I can stop providing my services immediately. Of course, I will be glad to discuss these overall terms and conditions and any other questions, suggestions or requests you may have.

  1. I check my work carefully, but errors or omissions are possible. Please check your website design and function carefully before you approve my work.
  2. The Internet and website servers are generally very reliable, but interruptions in the availability or function of your website or Internet service may occur.
  3. Website servers and information stored on website servers are generally secure. However, a wide variety of individuals and organizations put a great deal of effort into breaching that security, and there is a possibility that they may succeed. If so, they may be able to view or even steal information from your website.
  4. I will work to design or update your website in a manner that generally provides good search engine rankings. However, I cannot guarantee good search engine rankings.
  5. We may have a separate agreement describing the details of the work I will do on a specific project, but this is the only agreement that describes the overall terms and conditions under which I provide my services.
  6. If there is any litigation between us, the State Court of California in Orange County will have exclusive jurisdiction, and the laws of California will apply.
  7. If any part of this agreement is invalidated, the rest of the agreement will remain in effect.
  8. Under no circumstances will I be held liable for any financial loss or other damages due to errors, omissions, interruptions, loss of information or data, or search engine rankings. In no event will I be liable to you or any other person or entity for any special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages of any kind. This includes, without limitation, refund of fees, loss of profit and loss of income or cost of replacement services. Even if I were to be found negligent or at fault, I will not be liable for more than a refund of the moneys paid by you for the specific work for which I am found to be negligent or at fault.
Effective August 24, 2009